During the 2nd War in Lebanon it became clear that we would have to carry out major renovations�to fortify�the Yeshivah dormitories, most of which are not adequately fortified against Katyusha attacks.� With the help of a number of donations from organizations and generous individuals, we have begun the rebuilding process.��We aim to ensure�a secure future for students and staff.


In order to ensure that the best Jewish educators remain in the periphery, the Yeshivah offers a grant program that partially subsidizes housing and academic studies towards a Bachelors of Education degree as part of the Hesder track.To encourage at least 4 additional young married couples to join this endeavor beginning the academic year 2008, we offer them a monthly scholarship�extending over a period of 5 years.

For their part, the young couples will formally commit to remaining in Kiryat Shemonah for at least 5 years, and will also be required to participate in regular communal work, such as volunteering at the local branch of the Enosh Mental Health Association, activities with disabled children, one-on-one lessons with children suffering from learning disabilities, informal study sessions, etc.�We hope to offer the grant program to a total of 20 young couples by 2013.


Mr. & Mrs. Moishe Marks, their son and daughter in-law Kim and Rutti a...

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